array traversal tutorial converts json into a visual map of array keys, shows a guessed foreach traversal path
Canonic Autoloader Map-based autoloader across php and phar resources
ClickyColoury Powershell GUI fronted (WPF) to run categorized console scripts
Fossil Skins Extra Collection of themes/skins for the Fossil SCM. Public write access, just make an account.
freshcode A freshmeat/freecode project directory continuation. →
hybrid7 libraries PHP utility collection with hybrid and fluent APIs.
phptags tag tidier Rewrites PHP open and close tags, fixes whitespace issues.
phrep PHP Macro Preprocessor, handles #if, #define, #include directives and rewrites macros in code sections.
Plugin Meta Data Specification for plugin meta data scheme (comment format and fields)
PoshCode Archive Powershell scripts and modules from former
scripts + snippets Collection of mostly command line tools / PHP scripts. Somewhat out of date.
streamtuner2 Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.
tStroke Introspection testing runtime. (Bridging dynamic and static testing). Somewhat academic experiment and prototype. [non-public]
upgrade.php PHP userland backwards compatibility layer that emulates PHP 5.5+ core functions.
version numbers get/write Command line tool to duplicate/modify version number strings across source code and distribution files according to syntax context.
cross package maker Cross package maker. DEB/RPM generation or conversion. Derived from jordansissel/fpm.