Map-based autoloader across php and phar resources

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0.3.4 alpha (unreleased)
+ Introduce addPhar() for composer/xpm-generated .phar bundles
  with builtin class `map` in Phar metadata array.
+ Provide `pharmap` tool to regenerate `map` structure in phars.
* Keep Canonic_Autoloader::$instances.
* Fix "const" subarray (was incorrectly labelled "constant").

0.3.3 alpha (2014-09-03)

+ Introduced regex surface scanner to extract class names, functions,
  constants from *.php source files.
- Disabled slower tokenizer method by default.
* Skip hidden .dot directories (such as .git and .svn) and files.
* Builtin auto_update flag set to false.
+ Debian package includes manpage now.

0.3.2 alpha (2014-02-14)

* Using plain is_writable() check instead of Phar::canWrite().
- All constants (irrespective of define() case-variance) are
  lowercased for the time being (no rfc:autoload support anyway).
* Merged relative path building back into main handler.

0.3.1 alpha (2014-02-12)

+ Honor AUTOLOADER_UPDATE environment variable.
* Fix relative_path() building and absolute_path() resolver.

0.3.0 initial (2014-02-11)

* Initial commit with tokenizer building, splittable phar structure,
  single classpath directory and fingeprinting.

0.2.0 (unreleased)

+ Introduced RecursivePharDirIterator support.

0.1.0 (unreleased)

+ Trivial tokenizer for scanning *.php scripts.