Map-based autoloader across php and phar resources

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shared.phar is made up of three parts:

The stub is prepared to be extracted, just needs ranaming to autoload.php simply. And the other two scripts just ought to neighbor it in the same directory.

Using 7z

Extracting from the default zip-phar is easiest with 7z. It lists the individual components as follows:

2014-02-11 03:03:12 .....         7086         2457  .phar/stub.php
2014-02-01 18:45:42 .....         1672          459
2014-02-02 23:20:22 .....        16317         5232  autoload.update.php
2098-01-01 01:00:00 .....           28           28  .phar/signature.bin

Just move the stub.php out of the hidden directory, rename it.

Using phar

phar list -f shared.phar will not show the stub, but just the two member scripts:


Subsequently to extract everything you need:

phar extract -f shared.phar


phar get-stub -f shared.phar -s autoload.php

For the stub.

Using empir

empir is more useful to convert shared.phar from the default ZIP format into a plain php-only wrapped PHAR or a TAR if you prefer.