Powershell GUI fronted (WPF) to run categorized console scripts

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  • File NEWS — part of check-in [d9f41219b0] at 2017-09-23 18:37:17 on branch trunk — Tag release 0.8.0 (user: mario size: 1151)

0.8.0 (2017-09-22)
 * First public (stripped down) release
 * Main code condensed into modules/ directory.
 * Global configuration hash is now populated in starter.ps1
 * Restructured tools/ again into category-nested subfolders.
 * Implemented HTML clipboard kludge (collect alongside Out-Gui).
 * Sigma version for init_intro.ps1 instead of main version.

0.7.x (unreleased)
 * Open-RemoteRegistry with generic path support
 * more Out-Gui and Start-Win type and error catching
 * globalized Out-Gui aliases for type:init scripts
 * funcs_json / Foreach-KV

0.6.x (unreleased)
 * Unicode toolbar block
 * condensed CLI output instead of submenus
 * unified $cfg. names

0.5.x (unreleased)
 * basic plugin system
 * funcs_* init plugins
 * Scripts held in tools.*/ folders
 * input+combobox support for param:
 * Ask-Gui/Get-Params name matching

0.4.x (unreleased)
 * reduced to single runspace just for GUI/WPF
 * toolblocks instead of just buttons
 * menu_editscripts
 * AD-Search alternatives

0.3.x (unreleased)
 * preliminary WPF mode without separate runspace

0.2.x (unreleased)
 * CMD scripts ported

0.1.x (unreleased)
 * CLI only version