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Artifact ID: 9cbce2fc82543d8344e0cb190016faa6aaaea808
Page Name:ReadTheDocs
Date: 2018-05-19 14:31:35
Original User: mario

License: BSDL
File: /doc/trunk/rtd.txt
Download: /cat/rtd.txt

Provides a documentation-only template for Fossil, in the style of RTD sphinx docs.

  • It's a rather crude port.
  • Does **not** embed the CSS, resources or fonts. Instead links them in as external resource.
* Since this is just experimental, didn't want to go all the way to copy the additional resources (images, fonts) over.
  • The index list is just a simple Wiki-content list. There's no proper index.rst support/parser e.g.
* It's probably for the best to manually patch in a redacted list of interesting pages, or links to embedded docs etc.
* Edit the Skin/Header and use the <li class=toctree-l1> markup for any Wiki-links