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 * type: template
 * title: Project submit #sidebar
 * description: Generic advises for project submissions

<td id=sidebar>

        <h5>Submit project<br>and/or release</h5>
           You can submit <em title="Free, Libre, and Open Source Software">FLOSS</em>
           or <em title="or Solaris/Darwin/Hurd">BSD/Linux</em> software here.
           It's not required that you're a developer of said project.
           You can always edit the common project information together with
           a current release.  It will show up on the frontpage whenever you
           update a new version number and a changelog summary.

        if ($is_new) {
           print "<p>Or <a class='action submit-import'
           style='color:blue'>import</a> a project..</p>";

    <?php include("template/submit_import.php"); ?>