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Page Name:Contribute
Date: 2014-06-26 13:37:22
Original User: mario
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freshcode.club/ is still in an early planning/development stage. Therefore code contributions are most welcome right now.

  • Code and features.
  • Stylesheet adaptions.
  • Project listing moderators.

Become developer

Create a fossil account and send a mail (info#freshcode:club) to receive sync access.
Otherwise just send in patches.

Become moderator

The post-moderation model will require some moderation, if this project becomes popular. (see "Is Freshmeat still needed?").

If you're willing to help out with other authors submission, contact mario#freshcode:org for an elevated account. (Prerequisite: you need to be open source project maintainer in some form or the other.)

Host another frontend

The freshcode source is intended to be reusable. With the upcoming exchange protocol, it's suitable to host a mirror and customize it optically / functionally.

Also send a message if interested. The two alternative domains freshmeat.club and freecode.club are reserved and free to use for that. I can alternatively also offer named subdomains //us.freshcode.club/ if preferred. (Currently utilizing CloudFlare for simple vhost assignment.)

Again, this is a strictly non-commercial project. So you could take over one of those domain registrations (yes, free) if popularized.