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Artifact ID: 93726d4495c5f0ea91e34737786c7f499f3310ee
Page Name:AutoupdateSourceforge
Date: 2014-11-19 22:13:33
Original User: mario
Parent: 63fd232960d1384fa45974796bfecb28bbb721e0

A preliminary variant of the Sourceforge news retriever is implemented. It just looks for project news/blog entries with a x.y* version number in the title. Then copies the text verbatim as changelog.

This might be troublesome when those repost a lengthy project intro text, and not just a news summary. But that's an issue for standard changelogs as well; so let's just test this for a while..

Status: testing

(Previous ToDo List)

  • Currently investigating whether project News make a suitable source.

  • Here a simple check for contained version numbers d+.d+ in headlines might suffice.

Possible later refinements for aggregating a release summary:

  • Bullet-lists (like for Github) would indicate a summarized change entry.

  • And ordinary text paragraphs would be reused if /changed fixed added/ hints at actual changes.