LibreOffice plugin to pipe whole Writer documents through Google Translate, that ought to keep most of the page formatting.

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Artifact 851645e25cce673f00e214da240ff3922458e7cb:

  • File Makefile — part of check-in [748623aaf6] at 2020-05-23 14:05:33 on branch trunk — Introduce pt_opts handler for settings window (user: mario size: 331)

all:	oxt install

	unopkg remove vnd.include-once.pagetranslate
	unopkg add --log-file log.txt -s pagetranslate.oxt

	version  --read  --incr  --write  --write description.xml
	zip pagetranslate.oxt -r META-INF *xcu *xcs *xdl *desc* icons pythonpath/