LibreOffice plugin to pipe whole Writer documents through Google Translate, that ought to keep most of the page formatting.

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Artifact [b367f51450]

Artifact b367f514508dfc8b8bc6a2b08167db5cf890aa72:

  • File OptionsDialog.xdl — part of check-in [b7a0126051] at 2020-05-23 09:34:31 on branch trunk — Add basic OpenOffice options dialog registry, definition and schema. (Just decorative for now. Requires WindowEventHandler still to be of any use.) (user: mario size: 1359)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE dlg:window PUBLIC "-// OfficeDocument 1.0//EN" "dialog.dtd">
<dlg:window xmlns:dlg="" xmlns:script=""
    dlg:id="OptionsPageTranslate" dlg:left="110" dlg:top="50" dlg:width="190" dlg:height="150"
    dlg:closeable="false" dlg:moveable="false" dlg:title="Title" dlg:withtitlebar="false">
  <dlg:checkbox dlg:id="useDeepL" dlg:tab-index="0" dlg:left="10" dlg:top="10" dlg:width="160" dlg:height="12" dlg:help-text="instead of the default Google Translate" dlg:value="use DeepL translation service" dlg:checked="false"/>
  <dlg:titledbox dlg:id="FrameControl1" dlg:tab-index="1" dlg:left="25" dlg:top="25" dlg:width="155" dlg:height="40" dlg:help-text="requires an API key / else will use *SLOWER* web page requests">
   <dlg:title dlg:value="API key"/>
   <dlg:textfield dlg:id="apiKey" dlg:tab-index="2" dlg:left="10" dlg:top="15" dlg:width="135" dlg:height="12" dlg:help-text="Key required for faster translation service"/>
  <dlg:checkbox dlg:id="debug" dlg:tab-index="3" dlg:left="10" dlg:top="70" dlg:width="160" dlg:height="12" dlg:value="additonal debugging" dlg:checked="true" dlg:help-text="Log file in /tmp/pagetranslate-libreoffice.txt"/>