LibreOffice plugin to pipe whole Writer documents through Google Translate, that ought to keep most of the page formatting.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<description xmlns="" xmlns:dep="" xmlns:xlink="">
  <identifier value="vnd.include-once.pagetranslate"/>
  <version value="1.3"/>
    <name lang="en">PageTranslate</name>
    < value="3.0" dep:name=" 3.0"/>
    <simple-license accept-by="admin" default-license-id="en" suppress-on-update="true" suppress-if-required="true">
      <license-text xlink:href="pkg-desc/lgpl-en.txt" lang="en" license-id="en"/>
    <name xlink:href="" lang="en">Mario</name>
    <default xlink:href="icons/flags.png"/>