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History of WPK_TunnelGradient.ps1

I noticed that WPF has LinearGradient and RadialGradient. Wanted something more… square in size. First tried to use something that allowed me to build brush easy, but it was hard to change it into something portable. So I just used New-Object and now you can use it in WPK, PowerBoots or Show-UI, whichever you prefer. ;) This script is building actual function and shows some demo usage + load required assemblies and makes sure we are in STA (some controls barfed at me when I tried to leave it -MTA). I only hope it’s not done already… ;) Corners are rounded, so that it looks more soft. file: [a9855f8086] check-in: [df93d0dd33] user: BartekB branch: trunk, size: 6968 Added