Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Large radio directory from the UK.</desc>

	<title><media type="image" src="img/channel_internet_radio.png" /> Internet-Radio</title>
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	<p> is a broad alternative to Shoutcast.</p>

 	 <item><p>It has regained station homepages for most entries again.</p></item>
 	 <item><p>Genres are similiar to Shoutcast.</p></item>
 	 <item><p>Updating station lists is comparatively fast.</p></item>
 	 <item><p>Uses HTML extraction (regex or pyquery) internally.</p></item>

        <section id="options">
 	 <title>🔟 pages to fetch</title>
         <p>Note that this plugin has its own setting on how many
         links to retrieve.  Instead of stream numbers, it only counts pages.
         Which is because this directly influences the stream loading time.</p>