Dirble.com is another radio station directory, based on user-contributed entries and automatic streaming server polling.

  • Provides a JSON API, which in v2 is easy to extract from.

  • Station lists contain even station homepages mostly.

  • And the channel plugin selects among the available streaming URLs based on format (Ogg, AAC, preferred over MP3) and maximum bitrate.

Station status indicators

For the dirble plugin each station entry may contain a stream status icon. They often just represent a heuristic check or general reachability statistic. You can usually start playback without paying attention to the status icons:


Maybe currently inactive.


Available stream, no recent outage.


Unclear Status 2

There's a hidden config option for a custom API key. It's perhaps redundant. Should streamtuner2 -D however reveal an error, you can configure your own account in settings.json.