Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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200 timeline items by user mario occurring around 2015-04-07 19:50:18.

[6a17061df0] Add plugin defaults. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[8c7de37e5e] Implement basic exporting and conversion for drag-and-drop. Needs to buffer implicit playlist file, because data_get() gets called excessively. Still support direct M3U/PLS/XSPF transfers (should any other application ever understand it), and direct URL transmission. No import functionality yet, but internal JSON format prepared as target type. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[1cfacd1296] Semi-fix for brand-new initialization. Set default category from existing categories[] list. Setting the displayed path as well doesn't work yet. (It's just half-way selected after the next restart.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[c6416a18df] Bring back .base_url instead of .homepage property for HTTP requests. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[aa264c28e2] Simplify callback for GUI updates from within threads. Search plugin led to a memory corruption due to not using it for updates. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[90b1672010] Add [feeds] support for Jamendo. (Pretty much only albums, so track lookup works.) Better support for configured audio format/mime. Ogg Vorbis now works in albums and playlists. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[58d2981ca9] Fix homepage url issue / quote() checks for list first now. Restructure playlist extraction into ordered dict; use in conver_playlist as probe formats. Make xml/json url decoding explicit, prepare for custom extractors (e.g. real json or xml traversal, full row/title extraction). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[24fb9b895e] Guard appstate_init channels.current setting for absent plugins. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[7149d92fe1] Updated Jamendo plugin audioformat and listformat descriptors. Attempted to use v3.0 API for playlist tracks. Still no playlist API endpoint. So using a separate track requests now. Implemented a new action/playlist_convert URL extractor, which shall henceforth be known as "jamj" (JamJibberish). Fixed XML url extraction in regex mode, trivial backslash deescaping for JSON formats; and fixed multiply URL bug by copying row{} dict during conversion. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[1e268b6422] Removed dnd code snippets. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[185e42f185] Experimental drag and drop code snippets. (Not going to work well with other apps, only VLC tested, everything else depends on text/uri-list temp file:// URLs. Internal row dragging not implemented / no bookmarks subcats yet.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[9b93393d5e] Move PYZ shebang prefixing into `xpm` codebase. Simplifies local Makefile. Renamed PKG_PYZ into PKG_ZIP, and added extra target rules to Packfile. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[a7b0cd39a2] Remove remnant module .title/etc attributes, and .current category overwriting. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[99ee6c4ef4] Make .current a dynamic property for debugging. Skip load() update for category==None calls (doesn't happen with previous appstate). Undo default category setting. Now main.appstate_init values are used again. Don't position category liststore selection to #0. Enable "Format" station column. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[2687258c8c] Simplify appliation state restore. Don't override old .shown status / liststore position should be handled by GenericChannel. Suppress TreeView errors when clicking on empty station list area. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[b434d63e4e] Tested fixed-width for pixbuf cellrenderer in stream lists; little effect. Set .module attribute for auxiliary windows (unused). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[ee9da14a46] Mark PIL workaround as obsolete. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
23:23 • Changes to wiki page FAQ (user: mario) [details]
23:23 • Changes to wiki page FAQ (user: mario) [details]
[56c215a897] Run channel.first_show() on tab switches in a separate thread. This makes ST2 *look* snappy after initialization, and for the very first startup in particular. (Seems to work stable after all, even uncovers the HTTP statusbar updates now.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
20:14 • Changes to wiki page original streamtuner1 (user: mario) [details]
20:12 • Changes to wiki page windows (user: mario) [details]
[9e4b52a0f5] Move preprocessing from Makefile to Packfile, just runs on channels/ instead of all *.py files now. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
17:05 • Changes to wiki page contrib (user: mario) [details]
[327d2ed94c] Not implemented: `8tracks` (plugin name suffers from identifier mismatch, and it's not quite doable in ST2, because 8tracks requires feedback shortly after playback has begun; yet streamtuner can't inspect any configured audio player for actually doing so.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
17:01 • Changes to wiki page contrib (user: mario) [details]
17:00 • Changes to wiki page contrib (user: mario) [details]
17:00 • Changes to wiki page contrib (user: mario) [details]
[a4cb6da4ac] Add old Compound★ example plugin, slightly updated for current meta data scheme. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[39e61e9915] Old helper script to make streamripper add genre. Though there are `-D` pattern options that often work better. And KStreamripper or fIcy/fPls might be more modern. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[6569edc420] Remove ancient dependency. (Whole favicon module needs refurbishment though. Might be feasible to turn it into a plugin meanwhile.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[baed88d243] Last tagged release (2.1.6) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[b1eb48cafd] Move NEWS->changelog.gz conversion into xpm Packfile. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
10:13 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
10:13 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
10:11 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
10:09 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
10:08 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
10:06 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
21:17 • [c036f45de1] Another beta release 2.1.6 (user: mario)
[3dd41a0668] Remove default %m3u placeholders. (Now defaulting to PLS, as supported by pretty much all players.) (user: mario, tags: trunk, 2.1.6)
[0f7bc40c16] Optional plugin, retrieves raw Wiki content from with country-grouped radio stations. (Will be bundled in another release.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[ace13f842d] Prepare next beta release 2.1.6 (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[0116b55e34] Fix NoneType concatenation (empty genre: entries) in cache search. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
15:47 • Changes to wiki page streamtuner2 (user: mario) [details]
[5ab206cedc] Add easter egg in search_dialog only for PYZ package. (Now Makefile targets require though). Resize GtkBuilder definition for search_dialog. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[c41b729685] Fix default bitrates in static SomaFM stream list. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[6a5133781f] channel plugin, with entirely static station list. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[2b729c9433] Cleanup exportcat file extension mapping, and fix docs. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[b3afb7ed76] Manually implement $XDG_MUSIC_DIR lookup. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[d781433c78] Safeguard get_data for plugin_meta(), as global or local extras would be found by module_list, but not get_data(). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[c4adfede4a] Give up. Just use embedded PNG for transparent empty_pixbif. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[98f8aea21d] Fix bookmarks tab swtich on search completion. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[e663445700] Shorten first_show(). Plugins don't initialize on startup anymore, but again on first channel tab selection. Use first entry from categories as current, if none is set. Remove some obsolete code. Display now matches on fresh installations as well as with existing cache/state. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[97a832d8f2] Slim down first_show() in main.channel_switch(). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[3301815009] Fix case-sensitive PLS construction and File\d+ index starting from 1. Adapt format detection regexps as well for html, and xspf xmlns. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
01:27 • Changes to wiki page plugin meta data (user: mario) [details]
[6109a1a671] Initialize with empty station TreeView again. Make bookmarks channel not override the behaviour. (This sort of works around the .current category mismatch after startup.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
17:38 • Edit [320e271864]: Change branch background color to "#aaa8d3". (user: mario) [details]
17:38 • Edit [60f5238dc8]: Change background color to "#fff0c0". (user: mario) [details]
17:37 • Edit [97bb4bbfe9]: Change branch background color to "#fff0c0". (user: mario) [details]
[8622bed197] Move appstate restoration into init function. Implemented "quit" hook for action.cleanup_tmp_files, fixed app_restore `w.set_current_page` bug. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[60f5238dc8] Rewritten action module and playlist conversion/export works okay enough. Merged into trunk. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[36c234a70b] Leaf: Fix str→bytes saving for Py3. Tmplement tmp_files[] cleanup. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[e136a78c73] Finalize allowed filename extensions for exporting. Normalize Python3 string decoding (errors='ignore' per default). Update XSPF and SMIL export. Use row={} template now, instead of just carrying over title= to rewritten playlists. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
16:37 • Changes to wiki page player (user: mario) [details]
16:37 • Changes to wiki page player (user: mario) [details]
16:35 • Changes to wiki page player (user: mario) [details]
16:33 • Changes to wiki page player (user: mario) [details]
[0a9cb60b3a] Implement filename update in SaveAs dialog on changing FileFilter (.m3u, .pls, .xspf) extension. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[59075dcc1b] Apply proper file extension to temp files (they're never cleaned up, are they?) Fix MIME type probing, strip attributes. Support Apple M3U minor type, detect GVP playlists. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[46062ce00f] SurfMusik actually holds .m3u playlists. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
11:54 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
11:39 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
[801ad7fd98] Sync with trunk changes. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[a61a746c31] Fix parent window references. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[c683b52003] Removed custom pls conversion code, now uses action. playlist conversion tools. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[65a0b18268] Move concrete row(), rowno(), selected(), model_iter() and play(), record() implementations from main into channels.GenericModule. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[223368ebbf] Update comment on rewritten action module. Add alternative MIME types for m3u and asx, spport asf detection and extraction. Fix listformat→source arg. Move save() and filename handling out of save_playlist. Fix mediafmt_t lookup and print warning when there's an audio-response on playlist fetching (and it does happen). Change myoggradio plugin "format" population, and set listformat to "mixed(..)" for automatic probing. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
02:51 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
02:43 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
[1937c5766b] Fixed ASX and SMIL playlist exporting, allowed new placeholders %xspf, %jspf, %asx, %smil for application configuration. Documented in help/ pages. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[82cf514e49] Python3 doesn't like `if [x = ...]` inline assignment trickery (kwargs out of scope). (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[5539fcccc2] Figured out how to use standard confirm-overwrite dialog (buttons were defined, but no actions associated). Removed custom msg box. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[45c45d5755] Update notes on python-requests >= 2.0.0 required now (streams=True). And fix reference to `icon.png` now. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[b784d408c1] Still some parameter renaming in action module to do. Optional support for row={} parameter in play/record calls, in case .pls/.m3u needs to be constructed (to retain title=). Adapt action playlist exporting to wrapper object, which preconverts plain URL lists or [rows] list, can itself call convert_playlist(), and optionalized file writing. Rewrite main save() and to utilize new save_playlist(). Implement overwrite confirmation for Save-as dialog. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
10:55 • Edit [d4c3eccf15]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mario) [details]
[babd818a96] Use ordered list for playlist content probing. Fix listfmt() mime to abbr conversion. Allow non-http URLs for raw() extraction. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[85313637a3] Consolidate listformat types to just "pls", "m3u" and "srv". Probe for direct ICY server contact in action.playlist_convert(), unify extraction methods. (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
[ea628d6426] Remove extraneous class wrapper action.action. Start to regroup listformat mapping (pls-url → m3u-fn rewrites). Will need some heuristics, as depending just on the channel.listformat assumption won't work in practice (some .pls servers actually host direct server links, or occasionally .m3u references even). Currently does nothing, just returns the pls/etc URL. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[320e271864] Create new branch named "action-mapfmts" (user: mario, tags: action-mapfmts)
00:38 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
23:17 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
23:15 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
22:53 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
22:51 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
22:36 • Changes to wiki page Playlist format support (user: mario) [details]
[97bb4bbfe9] Added some notes about "Export all" plugin. List streams#actions as topic in (user: mario, tags: trunk)
19:53 • Add attachment streamactions.png to wiki page radiotray (user: mario) [details]
19:50 • [19aabaf92a] UI: restructure extensions and context menu (user: mario)
[a872fb7d36] Split up Extensions› submenus. Register major plugins (timer, myoggradio, radiotray) as direct menu entries, but complex extensions (exportcat) as subentry still. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[5a772b3c64] Fix main. references from bookmarks callback. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[30dd0c5b1f] Got rid of switchy() expression, use plain `cond and val or ...` chain. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
06:04 • Edit [e8c162f72a]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mario) [details]
06:00 • Fixed ticket [b9deab8292]: Couple small requests plus 5 other changes (user: mario) [details]
[8b7b270591] Temporary export mechanism (saves whole category into .pls file). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[7726e18571] Less indentation, starting to overhaul at least. (Whole `action` module is overdue.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[a7c3f7336a] Fix a few CLI bugs (doesn't work yet with dynamic module list), stub_parent() implementations for non-GUI mode should be merged. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[1eea3140f8] Move argv initialization to conf.apply_args(). Document config: format for argparse conversion. Enable file=sys.stderr for __print__/debug messages. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
19:06 • Edit [24a5fe69a1]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mario) [details]
[24a5fe69a1] Add workaround for ArgumentParser, which tries to map config: descriptors onto AP.add_argument(*yikes) params. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[e8c162f72a] Add UserAgentSwitcher plugin. (Just for experimenting really, not required.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
22:28 • [62a5f7ed79] Beta release 2.1.5 (user: mario)
22:27 • Delete attachment "st2-radiotray.png" from wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
22:25 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
22:22 • Changes to wiki page debugging (user: mario) [details]
22:22 • Changes to wiki page debugging (user: mario) [details]
22:22 • Changes to wiki page debugging (user: mario) [details]
22:17 • Changes to wiki page windows (user: mario) [details]
22:17 • Changes to wiki page windows (user: mario) [details]
22:17 • Changes to wiki page windows (user: mario) [details]
[b6b64a45f6] Fix manual Makefile `install` rules. Update -D debug notes in README. Release as 2.1.5 (beta). (user: mario, tags: trunk, 2.1.5)
[08b1306823] Provide a `-D` debugging flag and a `-d shoutcast` option to disable plugins prior startup. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[2b63a42675] Recategorized some dbg.ERR messages, but make them displayed now regardless of conf.debug setting. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[333ed92349] Make Youtube channel also default. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[86cac0312e] Switch .meta.title attribute after UI initialization. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[76b83cd1e1] Fix `local` category base url, again. Make priority: default. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[0a4c981f66] Change version number in plugin settings from orange to gray. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[bb7e73cafb] File reading in plugin_meta(): convert Py3 bytes to string. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[ec3a49e365] Fixed some help page typos, added streamedit description, and some screenshots for the configuration window. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[ed1c185f7c] Changed pyz base path determination method (no more rx.zipfn guessing). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[ce13199e0f] Capitalize remaining menu entries, update PNG icon to 64x64, remove examples from logo/banner template, default to size of 315·115 px. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[a6f5f66365] Update window title for currently selected category tab. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[d88aab3981] Wrap `gzip_decode` as fallback for Python 2. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[33e106bce5] Manually register addon widget signals. Otherwise main keeps bugging with GtkWarnings when timer plugin is disabled. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[7aafeff157] Use os.path.expand* for env vars and `~` homedir placeholder. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[57e4b7c323] Mention `make glade`, as gtk3.xml is now compressed per gzip after all. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[ff249e30f0] Document Makefile requirements (version, xpm/fpm), prepare manual `install` target. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[31995cd149] Spread out #pack: specifiers into doc files. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[8178f6832b] Add plugin defaults now really on initialization. Safeguard in configwin. Always use gtk.STOCK_NEW for empty app fields in config_dialog (not just for new lines). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[780f0ca590] Compress gtkBuilder file with zlib for distribution. (gzip not usable without workarounds in Python2) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[b2a6fd9de3] Convert shell _pack script into sectioned Makefile. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[c39a33b3da] Document fossil repo specific URLs (changelog/, cat/, trunk, version, zip/, tar/). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[9ed03bc901] Use plain module_list() for config_dialog.add_plugins() instead of traversing main.channels and main.features separately. Uses module= lookup with hardwired "channels." and ".py" retrieval. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[9d6c4e81f8] Catch HTTP errors for reload_categories(). Provide a descriptive .placeholder[] and .empty_stub[] stream list for channels reloading. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[8996e21a01] Moved back to old `mostPolular` method. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[3d794f312d] Removed duplicate category entries for internet_radio plugin. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[7127c48419] Removed module_list() ordering, which is now handled by uikit.appstate. Documented plugin_meta() options, split out plugin_meta_extract() code. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[5692e6ae5d] Removed remains of [stop] button handling. Fixed url param in homepage channel callback. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
22:15 • Edit [ad852f14fe]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mario) [details]
22:15 • Edit [ad852f14fe]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mario) [details]
22:07 • Changes to wiki page channels (user: mario) [details]
22:06 • Changes to wiki page channels (user: mario) [details]
22:04 • Changes to wiki page bundle (user: mario) [details]
22:04 • Changes to wiki page bundle (user: mario) [details]
[ad852f14fe] Removed Gtk `theme` configuration options. (Didn't work anymore.) -- Addendum: If anyone has been using this, please drop me a line; it could become a plugin now.. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[6fab0e7170] Made channel tabs reorderable. Now kept in config/window.json as `tab_order` and current page saved as `tab_current` instead of pageno. Disabled progressbar changes for ahttp, made search_server search run in a thread so status can be shown. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
19:20 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
19:09 • Changes to wiki page plugin meta data (user: mario) [details]
18:58 • Changes to wiki page plugin meta data (user: mario) [details]
18:58 • Changes to wiki page plugin meta data (user: mario) [details]
18:39 • Changes to wiki page write a plugin (user: mario) [details]
[5377cdecb5] Removed doubled radio button grouping in GtkBuilder file for search_dialog. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[de4406f6c3] pngopt/pngadv/pngcrushed logo banner/icon. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[18b4da567f] Got rid of static main.channel_names[] list. Instead now querying Gtk notebook_channels widget for current page name ordering. More plugin defaults added to ConfigDict.defaults(), as workaround for not preparsing inactive plugins on startup. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[97fd6a532a] Split out pack: specifier into `bin` and separately for help/ pages. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[1ed7d9a52b] Compacter banner/logo base64, removed SVG variant. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[232bbb301a] All channel icons are now embedded into plugin meta data. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[0769283e02] Removed channel icon *.pngs. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[04f700ea1c] Add missing `configwin` (the externalized config_dialog). Fixed gtk3.xml for gtk2 once more. Orovide find_executable() in config, used by configwin to show if configured apps are actually available. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[85b88fac15] Fix incorrent indendation. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
17:44 • Changes to wiki page radiotray (user: mario) [details]
17:44 • Changes to wiki page radiotray (user: mario) [details]
[f5a59de6b8] Compact plugin comments to be more user-targetted. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[8fcde37560] Initial version of API plugin. Built-in stub favicon. (Maybe later support station submissions here too, just like MOR.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
15:44 • Changes to wiki page alternatives (user: mario) [details]
15:38 • Changes to wiki page alternatives (user: mario) [details]
15:38 • Changes to wiki page alternatives (user: mario) [details]
[35ffa2c130] Updated docs regarding manual setups/packaging. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
15:34 • Changes to wiki page alternatives (user: mario) [details]
[263968679e] Readd MUSICgoal to bookmarks/links category (now that plugin is gone) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[f3f635ba8d] Adapted uikit.hbox to allow left or right column to be expanded/filled. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[a05da9d33d] Changed plugin config: options default registration to use full .meta[] now instead of just config[] list. Thus plugins can be enabled/disabled right away based on priority: field. (On first startup all channels will show up however.) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[b49c38af77] Fix config defaults registration. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[8130cc2cdc] Updated punkcast to display again, also show banners now instead of empty columns, and embedded favicon/png. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[23f4e4608e] Removed dirble plugin for now (new API coming in April...?) (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[186f91779d] Update documentation files (dependencies and manual installation paths). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
19:44 • Changes to wiki page help (user: mario) [details]
19:44 • Changes to wiki page help (user: mario) [details]
[07d2a291cd] Add conf.get_data() alias, which automatically fetches resource relative to config module (that is, works on the global path, or within pyzip archive). Move module_list() from channels. into config, as it combines plugins and config management anyway. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[c8c55c79da] Trim down plugin comment. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[9a4aa0b793] Moved add_plugin_defaults from main into GenericChannel constructor. Check for percentage>=0 in progress indicator of statusbar. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[04f454a7a3] Split extension_main and extension_context menus. Fix pixmap icon back. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[4997a22651] Fix conf.debug checking. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[6226dc5594] Nicer error message, and compacter plugin comment. Add default config value in init. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[f5d46dca11] More PixbufLoader workarounds for Gtk3, and get_data() casting for Python 3. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[3bc568c0e4] Register extension menu entries twice (main menu, and stream context submenu), to avert Gtk warning. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[233327230c] Add new packaging scheme: `bin` becomes /usr/bin/ stub, while `` is used as __main__ handler for PYZ archive. (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[2080496017] Slimmed down channel PNGs (for eventual later .py meta stuffing). (user: mario, tags: trunk)
[7edad1d952] Remove manual gtk visibility setting (show_all used now). Use fallback stock icon in case .png or png: are missing for plugins. (user: mario, tags: trunk)