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      Ian wrote:

      Anyway, no idea if you've seen it but there is a brilliant Windows program called Screamer Radio. It's no longer being updated, but still works perfectly. Main problem is that a lot of the default radio stations don't work. It's easy enough to add your own, so not really a problem. The other big problem is there is no Linux version. On the plus side it has a very nice feature I used to use all the time. If there was a track playing that you liked, you could switch to Screamer any time before the track finished and hit the record button. This caused Screamer to record the whole track from the beginning. So you get a set of tracks recorded which are all ones you like.

      I guess you could get the same effect by going through all the tracks you've recorded and delete the ones you don't want, but that would be a lot of work. Screamer's way is much better imho. So, my enhancement request is, is there a way to get Streamtuner2 to do the same thing?

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      Just-in-time recording for currectly playing track (like in Screamer Radio)

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      Might be doable, but would be a workaround:

      • Start a background `streamripper` process whenever playing a station.
      • Let it spool mp3s in a dedicated directory.
      • Recurringly delete anything older than 15min.
      • When JIT recording is requested:
      1. simply extract the latest mp3 (or wait till it's finished)
      2. or even just open up that temporary mp3 directory for copying.

      Managing a background proccess might be more work, but seems feasible. (Maybe research if existing audio players already offer a similar functionality instead. It's a workaround mainly because ST2 does neither manage playback nor recording.)

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      Just-in-time recording for currently playing track (like in Screamer Radio)