Cross package maker. DEB/RPM generation or conversion. Derived from jordansissel/fpm.

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The following awesome folks have contributed ideas, 
bug reports, code, or other to fpm:

Curt Micol
Jay Adkisson
Jordan Sissel
Marc Fournier
Michael Blume
Pierre-Yves Ritschard
Thomas Haggett
Pieter Loubser
Aleix Conchillo FlaquΓ© (github: aconchillo)
Luke Macken (github: lmacken)
Matt Blair (github: mblair)
Thomas Meson (github: zllak)
Oliver Hookins (github: ohookins)
Brett Gailey (github: dnbert)
Daniel Haskin (github: djhaskin987)

If you have contributed (bug reports, feature requests, help in IRC, blog
posts, code, etc) and aren't listed here, please let me know if you wish to be