Powershell GUI fronted (WPF) to run categorized console scripts

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Date: 2017-09-23 00:45:58
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ClickyColoury is a WPF GUI frontend for PowerShell scripts. It also comes with a rudimentary CLI alternative. It's currently just a prototype however.


  • Prototype stage, code duplication, not enough documentation
  • Only works on PowerShell -Version 2.0 for now
  • Building the GUI is quite slow (mostly due to WPF and the W wrapper)
  • Still a lot of ToDos
  • Scripts cannot be overly interactive (Read-Host just yields a VB popup)
  • The CLI version is not in sync with the GUI features
  • Distributed only with a few generic scripts initially


  • Implements plugin meta data for easy extension
  • Allows CLI scripts to run nearly unchanged in a GUI
  • Provides a color-aware Write-Host and a crude Read-Host wrapper
  • Convenient $machine + $username toolbar input (w/ gimmicks)
  • Basic forms (text/dropdown) field support
  • GUI is somewhat unstructured, but adds icons for orientation
  • Overall design goal is to allow scripts to run alike in GUI or CLI, and (mostly) standalone


  • license

    • MITL
  • project name

    • ClickyColoury is an awful approximation of the german term "KlickBunti" (a common diss for GUI tools in general). Formerly called "MultiTool" even. (Well, at least it keeps in line with being an overly generic title.)
  • version

    • Shows a summary version of all installed scripts, rather than its main version


  • Will you add more scripts?

    • Sure. But sharing is caring. It's intially just a few cleansed tools, rather than the more complex custom onse. More to come, if there's enough interest and contributing back!
  • What is Fossil?

    • See https://fossil-scm.org/ - It's a convenient distributed version control system. It's much more cross-platform than GIT, as it comes in a single EXE even for Windows. Clone this repository, and try fossil ui
  • Why force that godawful "plugin meta data" upon us?

    • The Powershell ecosystem in particular is in dire need of a at least a basic effort at standardization. I'm aware "cross-platform" does not usually entice Windows programmers. But, still.
    • It's not a dependency, btw. Nonetheless keeps everything more open-sourcy in its current form.
  • "It doesn't work"?

    • Now that's not an actual error message. And this project might not be useful to you.