Powershell GUI fronted (WPF) to run categorized console scripts

⌈⌋ branch:  ClickyColoury


Download a ZIP

If you just want some code, use the ⇛ ZIP download button.

Clone this repository

Once you have fossil.exe installed however, it becomes quite trivial to work with the repository:

fossil clone http://fossil.include-once.org/clickycoloury/ clicky.fossil
#        ↑               ↑                                      ↑
#      action           URL                               target repo file

Then you can open (=expands files from trunk) that repository:

fossil open clicky.fossil

And lastly invoke the server and your browser:

fossil ui

That would give you a local copy of what you see here.

Commiting and stuff

Now that you have a working checkout, you can edit files to your liking.
Your changes will be reflected as soon as you commit them:

fossil ci modules/wpf.psm1

Or add new files of course:

fossil add tools/beta/newscript.ps1
fossil ci

Syncing and sharing.

Unlike GIT, sharing code is not some arcane merging and pulling andwhathaveyou. Fossil is optimized for more practical and realistic scenarios - with a couple of developers and a shared repository:

fossil sync http://fossil.include-once.org/clickycoloury/

And simply updating changes from others:

fossil up

Btw, if you want commit access here; just ask. (Little risk; don't worry. Fossil does not allow history corruption.)