Powershell GUI fronted (WPF) to run categorized console scripts

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The Ribbon-style toolbar provides a few gimmicks:


Copy a hostname in the clipboard, then click the laptop icon.

  • This instantly pings the machine and colorizes the field.
  • The dropdown here lists the last used computer names.
  • Additionally a small copy icon is there.
  • It also provides a little lookup-username-for-computer shortcut.


Again you could copy/type the username in. But the big user icon allows that too, with some shortcuts:

  • If "Last, First" is in the clipboard, an AD lookup is performed.
  • Same for "user@example.com"

Now this depends on how the displaynames are structured, of course. But works often enough.

Additionally the username dropdown here serves as search function.

  • Entering the last 4 digits of a phone number is often super convenient to look someone up.
  • Parts of the username also work.

The search however may freeze the GUI shortly, as it runs in the WPF runspace as well. It also uses the ADSISearcher rather than Get-ADUser by default.


Script shortcuts can be enabled with #shortcut: 1 in each script.


Since the TextBlock is not selectable, a whole-copy function is there. Additionally now a HTML function.

Output box clearing + undo are also an option, but can better be set using $cfg.autoclear with a lower default.


Well, that's a gimmick. Mainly there since WindowsΒ΄ chartable sucks big time.


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