Browser and install GUI for cookiecutter templates

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% cookiedough(1) cookiedough/cookiecutter Version 0.1.x


cookiedough — GUI browser for cookiecutter templates


cookiedough [--debug]


Shows available project templates for cookiecutter(1) in a GUI browser. Allows to inspect documentation and some contents, and then of course unpack the template.



  • Expand one of the categories in the left pane to see available templates.
  • Click to see expanded details on right pane.


  • The search field is located top left, and allows to filter templates.
  • Meanwhile any update happens once you hit ENTER while the search box is selected. (Old mode / instant search is configurable, but slow.)
  • You might want to search for common keywords in the description, or even filenames (pyproject.toml setup.cfg etc.) to find matching cookiecutters.


  • Push the [Roll out] button top right.
  • Input any of the default placeholder variables, or update existing sample strings. You usually want to leave any {{expression...}} as is.
  • Verify the current working directory, then proceed.
  • Yes/No prompts or additional inputs might come up if the template list was outdated.
  • WATCH OUT for any prompts in the terminal window you started cookiedough from. Not all click prompts might get captured. And obviously any error messages would gravitate there.


  • Apart from opening the URL for a cookietemplate, there is also the →Template→Copy repo URL option. Which allows to combine CD and CLI usage.


  • Use →File→Settings to modify some cookiedough UI behaviours.
  • Some changes might require a restart.



~/.config/cookiedough/ : Application config files, specifically settings.json. Future versions : might also pack some cookiecutter(1) yaml config file in here. : (Whereas the cache would go into ~/.cache/...).


XDG_CONFIG_HOME : base dir location for app config storage

GITHUB_API_TOKEN : might or might not be used by update functionality


cookiecutter(1), python3(1)