Browser and install GUI for cookiecutter templates

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This project hinges on an updated cookiecutters database. Unfortunately that's quite time-consuming. So new templates might not find their way in here - without feedback/submissions from authors.

Not sure if there's enough interest, but this would require either automating the database build, or providing a submission API. Or both.


  • There's the dev/ scripts as basis.
  • Ideally it would be rewritten to also support BitBucket/GitLab/Launchpad/Sourceforge/etc.
    • The lack of common API is a real showstopper though.
    • (I don't blame GitHub alone.)
    • And obviously there's no library that interfaces with all alike.
    • Big hosters also seem to believe everyone appreciates registritis and OAuth tokens.
  • Wouldn't be too difficult to bring this into the GUI however. (Though it takes around half an hour to collect project repositories on GH.)

Submit API

  • It might be easiest to query individual projects, and just provide a submission endpoint.
  • The fossil repository is SQLite-based, so would allow nearby storage.
  • Albeit you would still need a moderation step, rather than automatic updates for the main uidata.json.
  • Or possibly just use the fossil ticket or forum feature.
    • In which case, you could help out by reviewing/approving tickets.


  • If interested, register a repository account here (no email necessary).
  • But send me a mail for developer elevation (See LICENSE);
  • Read up on fossil usage.
  • It's significantly easier than git, and you can't easily break things.

Manual submissions

For now: you can send in a full JSON blob per email (see LICENSE), if you want your template be updated or added.