Browser and install GUI for cookiecutter templates

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Improve your cookiecutter.json

cookiedough accepts some additional fields from cookiecutter.json. This helps both the parameter input, as well as grouping, search and scoring/sorting of entries.

Currently following options are recognized:

Where Name Usage
cookiecutter.json _api Override the category/language (could be an app name, e.g. flask)
cookiecutter.json _keywords Add extra search keywords/tags (comma/space-separated string)
cookiecutter.json _requirements Build dependencies (a JSON list), for example ["poetry", "pipenv", "pluginconf"]
cookiecutter.json _license License of the cookiecutter template files. Ideally ought to be "PD" or "CC0". If attribution/academic licsense ("MITL" or "BDSL"), the template should note itself in the generated README or CREDITS, etc. -- Note: license of the cookiecutter repository (that's what the GH API yields) can/should divert from the license of the actual template files.
README.* markdown Describe all template variables, using a "❙varname❙Explanation...❙" table

For example:

     "project_slug": "base-name",
     "_api": "django",
     "_keywords": "make-whl, xdg, pytest, mkdocs",
     "_license": "CC0",
     "_requirements": ["poetry", "pep517"]

Whereas your README should contain explanations for template vars:

 | Variable       | Explanation ...                        |
 | `project_slug` | basename for created project directory |
 | `proj_license` | ...                                    |

Why "scoring"?

Ordering just alphabetically or by github stars isn't all that useful. Stars are simply accrued for older projects. It's often just bandwagon voting even.

Instead cookiedough takes multiple properties into account, and somewhat weighs them against each other. Average projects are favoured, and some contents rewarded. It's not a huge influence, but hopefully brings more contemporary templates to the top.

See settings or cookiedough/ on how the default scoring works. (This is going to be come more configurable.)