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#!/usr/bin/php-cgi -dcgi.force_redirect=0
# encoding: utf-8
# api: cgi
# type: config
# category: admin
# title: Hooks
# description: Configure hooks (e.g. web services)
# version: 0.2
# state: beta
# config: -
# depends: fossil (=2.17)
# access: admin
# The `hooks` entry is a JSON list. WARNING: might be subject
# to change. So should not be used without verifying compat.

#-- init
include("./fossil_common.php");   # db() etc.
if (!is_admin()) {

#-- fossil HTML output
function page_md($text) {
    header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8");
    print <<<EOF
<div class='fossil-doc' data-title='Hooks setup'>
 .config-list label {
    display: block;
    margin-bottom: 10pt;
    border-left: 3pt #ddd solid;
    border-radius: 5pt 0 0 5pt;
    padding-left: 10pt;
 .save-button {
    padding: 2pt 30pt;

#-- saving
function save($hooks) {
    $hooks = array_values(
            function($row) {
                return !empty($row["cmd"]);
        "REPLACE INTO config (name,mtime,value) VALUES (?,?,?)",
        ["hooks", time(), json_encode($hooks)]
if (!empty($_POST["hooks"])) {

#-- print hook row
function hook_row($i, $row, $rows=1, $id="", $h="h") {
    print <<<END
        <td><input list=hooktypes name="hooks[$i][type]" value="{$h($row["type"])}" size=13></td>
        <td><textarea name="hooks[$i][cmd]" $id cols=75 rows=$rows>{$h($row["cmd"])}</textarea></td>
        <td><input name="hooks[$i][seq]" value="{$h($row["seq"])}" size=3></td>

#-- get `hooks` from config table
$hooks = json_decode(get_config("hooks", "[]"), TRUE);

#-- build form table
  <div class=config-list>
  <form method=POST enctype='multipart/form-data'>
    <datalist id=hooktypes>
      <option value=after-receive title='after every commit or push/pull'>
      <option value=before-commit>
      <option value=commit-msg>
      <option value=disabled>
  <tr> <th>#</th> <th>type</th> <th>command</th> <th>seq</th> </tr>

# fields
foreach ($hooks as $i=>$row) {
    hook_row($i, $row);
hook_row(count($hooks), ["type"=>"after-receive", "cmd"=>"", "seq"=>50], 3, "id=hook_cmd");

<tr><td colspan=4 align=center><input type=submit value="Add / Save" class=save-button></td></tr>
<h3>Web hooks</h3>
Add one of the standard webhook services:
<select id=web_set onchange="document.getElementById('hook_cmd').innerText=this.value">
<option value=''>
<option value="FOSSIL_REPOSITORY='%R' fossil-webhook">fossil-webhook
<option value="FOSSIL_REPOSITORY='%R' fossil-webhook --git">fossil-webhook --git
<option value="FOSSIL_REPOSITORY='%R' fossil-webhook --if:check-in '+extra=parameter2' '+Token:Bearer 123'">fossil-webhook --if:check-in +Header
<option value='curl -X POST -d "branches=trunk" -d "token=1234"'>ReadTheDocs
<option value='wget'>Jenkins
<option value='wget https://localhost:8080/ext/fx_meta'>fossil/ext/fx_meta

<li> See <a href=""></a> on how commands are run.
<li> Emulate …
<li> Probably needs a cmdline helper <code>fossil-webhook</code>