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extroot: is a config directive for serving CGI extensions in Fossil.
The repo script could contain for example:

repository: /fossil.d/sqlite.fossil
#directory: /fossil.d/
errorlog: /www/logs/fossil.errors.txt
cgi-debug: /www/logs/fossil.cgi.debug.log
extroot: /fossil.d/extroot

And the extroot/ dir would contain executable/CGI scripts, which then become accesssible as
See for a live view. (Note that all examples here rely on php-cgi; thus probably won't work easily with chroot-jailed fossil setups.)

auth / token

Is a basic IndieAuth authorization_endpoint. Which permits using fossil accounts for federated logins. It requires adding homepage urls either in info column, or per ext/user_config in new homepage field. And then augmenting your personal homepage with:

<link rel=authorization_endpoint href="">
<link rel=token_endpoint href="">

Thenceforth you can use one account for logging into various services (via e.g. or The protocol is based on OAuth 2.0, but more convenient; it's also the spiritual successor to OpenID.


Both auth/token are also intended to be used with the publishing API. Which is actually intended for blogging, but here used to submit wiki pages or technotes from an external editor/app. It should be bound on a user homepage or in the repo with:

<link rel=micropub href="">

The implementation is a bind long-winded, because it prepares for a more general micropub editor.


Allows logged in users to edit or new user.homepage field. (Both are scanned by auth extension for urls.)


Simply lists existing CGI scripts.


Is a cgi-prefixed version of phpLiteAdmin, only accessible to admin users (s capability). Which allows some simpler table browsing than /admin_sql. Primarily useful for data tables. Unfortunately you can't limit browsing or queries to elected tables - would be a more useful tool if it could be made accessible to any developer.


Basic backend to store application errors/exceptions as tickets. (When submitted as JSON blob per POST request.)