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Help: tls-config

The "tls-config" command:

Usage: fossil ssl-config [SUBCOMMAND] [OPTIONS...] [ARGS...]

This command is used to view or modify the TLS (Transport Layer Security) configuration for Fossil. TLS (formerly SSL) is the encryption technology used for secure HTTPS transport.


Remove information about server certificates. This is a subset of the "scrub" command.

load-cert PEM-FILES...
Identify server certificate files. These should be in the PEM format. There are normally two files, the certificate and the private-key. By default, the text of both files is concatenated and added to the "ssl-cert" setting. Use --filename to store just the filenames.

remove-exception DOMAINS
Remove TLS cert exceptions for the domains listed. Or remove them all if the --all option is specified.

scrub ?--force?
Remove all SSL configuration data from the repository. Use --force to omit the confirmation.

show ?-v?
Show the TLS configuration. Add -v to see additional explaination