PHP utility collection with hybrid and fluent APIs.

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Date: 2014-12-28 16:42:21
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hybrid7 libraries

This repository contains a few asorted components for common PHP tasks, which follow a more hybrid/fluent interface approach.

  • input wraps PHP superglobal input vars with on-the-spot filtering backends.
  • db provides a convenient wrapper and complex array placeholders atop PDO.
  • curl adds a fluent and conveniently prefix-free API onto curl and curl_multi.
  • template was a concept for plainer ties between application code and output logic. (obsolete, unused)

The repo name "hybrid7" alludes to the previous project name (*overcome by events* ;) and the original intend to have at least 7 reusable/universal components. However unless it provides a sufficient benefit over existing code or warrants the "hybrid" title, I don't feel like reinventing further wheels here.