LibreOffice plugin to pipe whole Writer documents through Google Translate, that ought to keep most of the page formatting.

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<helpdocument version="1.0">
    <topic id="topic_idm1" indexer="include" status="PUBLISH">
      <title xml-lang="en" id="title_idm1">Translation settings</title>
      <created date="2020-02-02T22:22:22"/>
      <lastedited date="2020-02-02T22:22:22"/>

    <bookmark id="bm_idm3" branch="hid/vnd.include-once.pagetranslate:OptionsPageTranslate" xml-lang="en"><bookmark_value>PageTranslate settings</bookmark_value></bookmark>
    <bookmark id="helpindex_idm4" branch="index" xml-lang="en"><bookmark_value>translation; pagetranslate; options</bookmark_value></bookmark>

<paragraph id="hd_idm6" role="heading" level="1" xml-lang="en">Translation settings</paragraph>
<paragraph id="par_idm7" role="paragraph" xml-lang="en">The options page can be found under Tools → Options → Language Settings → PageTranslate.</paragraph>

<paragraph id="sect_idm8" role="section" xml-lang="en">
  <paragraph id="hd_idm9" role="heading" level="2" xml-lang="en">Translation service to use</paragraph>
  <list id="terms_idm10" xml-lang="en">
    <listitem id="item_idm11" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm11" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">☑ Google Translate</paragraph>That's the default, and suitable to both text selection and translating whole pages.
      Provides pretty good machine translations. It incurs some delays for longer texts, as
      each 1900 characters (sentences/paragraphs) have to be transfered individually (managed
      automatically, no user interaction necessary).</listitem>
    <listitem id="item_idm14" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm14" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ DeepL web</paragraph>Only makes sense for translating a single-paragraph / text selection, because it quickly
      blocks with "error 429 - too many requests" otherwise.</listitem>
    <listitem id="item_idm17" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm17" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ DeepL per API</paragraph>Use the speedier API to translate documents. As of yet untested.
         Requires an API key and paid subscription. No XML mode yet, still translates
         each text segment/paragraph/sentence individually.
    <listitem id="item_idm20" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm20" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ Microsoft Translator</paragraph>Requires an authorization key, and a `pip install translate` system package.
      Not tested within PageTranslate yet.</listitem>
    <listitem id="item_idm23" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm23" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ MyMemory</paragraph>Should have an email address in the according input box (though optional).
      Also requires `pip install translate`, unless the full OpenOffice plugin bundle
      was installed.
    <listitem id="item_idm26" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm26" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ Command line tool</paragraph>Allows to send each text paragraph to a local application. To use it, set the
      command in the according input field again. Placeholders are `{lang}` for the
      target language, and `{text}` for the paragaphs or current text section. (Both get
      automatically escaped.)

<paragraph id="sect_idm29" role="section" xml-lang="en">
  <paragraph id="hd_idm30" role="heading" level="2" xml-lang="en">Operation flags</paragraph>
  <list id="terms_idm31" xml-lang="en">
    <listitem id="item_idm32" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm32" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ quick linebreak handling</paragraph>Might speed up table processing with Google Translate, as it avoids sending each newline-split sentence separately.</listitem>
    <listitem id="item_idm35" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm35" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ also iterate over TextFrames</paragraph>handles floating textframes / subdocuments.</listitem>
    <listitem id="item_idm38" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm38" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">❏ super slow mode</paragraph>iterates over paragraph segments, to keep more inline formatting - but seriously harms mid-sentence translations. Not very useful in practice.</listitem>
    <listitem id="item_idm41" xml-lang="en"><paragraph id="hd_idm41" role="heading" level="6" xml-lang="en">☑ debug mode</paragraph>Will fill up the /tmp/pagetranslate-libreoffice.txt log file quicker.</listitem>