phrep can have a "config" file.

Probed locations:



Example .config/phrep/config.php

Primary purpose of the config file is defining macro helper functions, which is easier for development than multi-line macro #define statements.

There's eventually going to be a convenience method $proc->addMacro() for this. And anonymous functions may be bound once the internal $proc->defines structure is settled (or complicated).

Registering constants/macros is easier btw. per $proc->d_define("NAME(x)=2*x") anyway.

To utilize a distributed config script, use phrep --config ./defines.php for example. Albeit it's likely more practical to prepare them into plain include (e.g. .ph) files.

Further .config/phrep/*.php includes

The default config include just loads further *.php scripts alongside itself. So just drop other examples/ into ~/.config/phrep/.