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  • File USB-Script-backup.ps1 — part of check-in [e9d8a7cf62] at 2018-06-10 13:21:41 on branch trunk — Backup any recently changed PowerShell scripts to a USB drive. (user: Archdeacon size: 4473)

# encoding: ascii
# api: powershell
# title: USB Script backup
# description: Backup any recently changed PowerShell scripts to a USB drive.
# version: 3.1
# type: script
# author: Archdeacon
# license: CC0
# x-poshcode-id: 3176
# x-archived: 2012-01-21T08:37:14
# x-published: 2012-01-18T22:59:00
Backup-ToUSB.ps1 (Version 3.1, 19 Jan 2012)
This script will backup recently changed *.ps1,*.psm1,*.psd1 files from any 
selected folder (default is $pwd) to any number of inserted USB devices, on
which an archive folder 'PSarchive' will be created if it does not already 
Any USB Hard Disk will appear as a local system disk (DeviceType 3) so the
default 'Exclude' pattern is set to drives C:\ and D:\ which can be changed
to suit.
Invoke-Expression ".\Backup-ToUsb.ps1 -exclude cd $args"
Add this in a function in $profile and it will exclude drives C and D from 
the backup devices used.
.\Backup-ToUSB.ps1 ps* -exclude cde -v
Backup all ps* files and exclude drives C,D,E and show Verbose output.
.\Backup-ToUSB.ps1 -type ps1 -v
Select *.ps1 files to be archived. 'Verbose' will display the name of each 
file processed and the size (in Kb) on disk. Using the '-Debug' switch shows
the time difference that has tagged any file for archive. 
If the message 'WARNING: Error on drive X:\ - restart.' keeps appearing, 
manually enter 'Test-Path X:\' before resubmitting, which seems to cure it!
The author may be contacted via www.SeaStarDevelopment.Bravehost.com  

param ([String]$types = 'ps1',
       [String]$folder = $pwd,
       [String]$exclude  = 'cd',
if ($verbose) {
   $verbosePreference = 'Continue'
if ($debug) {
   $debugPreference = 'Continue'
$drive = '-<BLANK>-'
if ($types -notmatch '^ps1|psd1|psm1|ps\*$') {              #Adjust to suit.
   Write-Warning "Invalid filetype ($types): ps1, psm1, psd1 only."
   exit 1
if (!(Test-path $folder -pathType Container )) { 
   Write-Warning "$folder is not a directory - resubmit." 
   exit 3 
function copyFile ([string]$value, [String]$value1) {
   Copy-Item -Path $value -Destination $newFolder -Force
   Write-Verbose "--> Archiving file: (Size $value1) $value" 
$exclude = "[$exclude]:"
Get-WMIObject Win32_LogicalDisk -filter 'DriveType = 2 OR DriveType = 3' | 
   Select-Object VolumeName, FreeSpace, DeviceID | 
      Where-Object {($_.VolumeName -ne $null) -and
                    ($_.DeviceID -notmatch $exclude)} |
foreach {
    $vol   = $_.VolumeName
    $drive = $_.DeviceID + '\'
    [int]$free  = $_.FreeSpace / 1MB
    Write-Verbose "Scanning USB devices - Drive = [$drive] Name = $vol, Free = $free Mb"
    if (!(Test-Path $drive)) { 
       Write-Warning "Error on drive $drive - restart." 
       [System.Media.SystemSounds]::Hand.Play()   #Sometimes gives an error.
       exit 4    
    [int]$SCRIPT:files = 0                #Reset counter for each new drive. 
    $newFolder = $drive + "PSarchive"               #Check if folder exists. 
    if (!(Test-Path $newFolder)) { 
       New-Item -path ($drive) -name PSarchive -type directory | Out-Null 
    (Get-ChildItem $folder -filter "*.$types") |  
    foreach {
        $checkFile = Join-Path ($drive + 'PSArchive') $_
        $fsize = "{0:0000}" -f ($_.Length /1kb)
        if ($fsize -eq '0000') {
           $fsize = '<1kb'
        if (Test-path $checkFile) {
           $lwtHdd = $_.LastWriteTime                #HDD time last written.
           $lwtUsb = (Get-Item $checkFile).LastWriteTime
           if ($lwtHdd -gt $lwtUsb) {
              Write-Debug "(HDD) $lwtHdd   (USB) $LwtUsb  $_"
              copyFile $_ $fSize
        else {                              #New file, so archive it anyway.
           Write-Debug "(HDD) $($_.LastWriteTime)   (USB  Archiving new file)  $_"
           copyFile $_ $fsize
    $print =  "Backup to USB drive [{0}] (Volume = {2}) completed; {1} files copied." -f $drive, $SCRIPT:files, $vol 
    Write-Host "--> $print"
if ($drive -eq '-<BLANK>-') { 
    Write-Warning "No USB drive detected - Insert a device and resubmit."