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History for WMI-Explorer.ps1

WMIExplorer screenshots (launched on WinXP – http://savepic.org/4970354.jpg and http://savepic.org/4957042.jpg) file: [9cd7e4be33] check-in: [43addfdc9a] user: greg zakharov branch: trunk, size: 20756
Added “lazy” filter – Ctrl+F (just input one char at a time) and query tool (experimental feature)/See screenshots for the details http://savepic.org/4767656.jpg and http://savepic.org/4755368.jpg file: [b197ebf3fd] check-in: [fff3e2e5c8] user: greg zakharov branch: trunk, size: 27599
Fixed issues with namespaces/Methods and properties of classes now are placed at one ListView for quick navigation/Now it do not use Get-WmiObject cmdlet to access wmi objects/See screenshot at http://savepic.org/4765709.jpg file: [250c5e1e2e] check-in: [900fbb670b] user: greg zakharov branch: trunk, size: 25232
Now it looks like http://savepic.org/4783435.jpg file: [c758399500] check-in: [951eee5b95] user: greg zakharov branch: trunk, size: 22685
Added: All bugs are mine. file: [fdb349a582] check-in: [145794bd44] user: greg zakharov branch: trunk, size: 12214