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Artifact 1ba73d0875b8d1875012eda5f9fd89aa9ea637d03f696def77414aa0bf69533e:

  • File dvSwitchNetworkAdapter.ps1 — part of check-in [9f5e4d6ff3] at 2018-06-10 13:02:34 on branch trunk — A simple module to temporarily replace the stock PowerCLI networkadapter cmdlets until they work with vdSwitches. Based off LucD’s functions http://www.lucd.info/2010/03/04/dvswitch-scripting-part-8-get-and-set-network-adapters/ (user: glnsize size: 10287)

A hex dump of this file is not available. Please download the raw binary file and generate a hex dump yourself.