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Artifact 319a53acd6c58144f7455c0598b9150de9bcde44f27ef46198f1551945ba810d:

  • File Remove-LocalProfile.ps1 — part of check-in [a719ef66a6] at 2018-06-10 13:45:39 on branch trunk — This is script will first ask for a computername and then will scan the Win32_UserProfile WMI class and present the user with all of the possible user profiles to remove. After the profile has been deleted, the user has a choice to continue to remove another profile or quit. This script will only work against Vista and above client OS’s and Window 2008 and above server OS’s, but can be ran from any OS that has PowerShell installed. (user: Boe Prox size: 4741)

A hex dump of this file is not available. Please download the raw binary file and generate a hex dump yourself.