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Artifact a4d4ef33dab049102a0942f671155f916efc64965c4a90363026e98c11c3413d:

  • File VHDFunctions-psm1.ps1 — part of check-in [dfa4d8e72e] at 2018-06-10 12:57:22 on branch trunk — Here’s several functions for working with VHD’s in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. I’ve been working with PowerShell for about a year and this is my first go at a module. I’m a sysadmin and not a developer so some of my solutions are in that mode of thinking. There’s probably .NET ways to accomplish what I did and I’m certainly open to learning if there’s a better way. I’ve found these functions useful and hopefully someone else out there will too. Enjoy. (user: Rich Kusak size: 16135)

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