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3 check-ins using file Select-EnumeratedType.ps1 version 6cc01d465b

Findup – Find Duplicates, and optionall delete them. C# version of the powershell script FindDupe.ps1, C# version is probably 100 times faster though. check-in: 6e77b15a2f user: James Gentile tags: trunk
hashtable to object function. check-in: a063be42c1 user: karl prosser tags: trunk
Visually create an instance of an enum with an easy to use menu system. Supports both single value enumerated types and bitmask (flags) enums. Also supports dynamic inline help for enumerated values (help works with powershell.exe host only – ISE is buggy.) PowerShell 2.0 required. This uses uses the new to v2 IHostUISupportsMultipleChoiceSelection interface. check-in: 4ce0512d52 user: Oisin Grehan tags: trunk