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3 check-ins using file get-windows-product-key.ps1 version 7778d276bf

This is an overhaul of Jeffrey Snover’s original Start-Demo script … I’ve switched it to use ReadKey, which saves you some typing and makes the whole thing seem more natural when you’re demoing, (at least to me). I’ve also added a bunch of command-line options and a couple of features in the process (see the Revision History in the script). check-in: 9765bd4444 user: BSonPosh tags: trunk
A script to retrieve the SSL Certificate used by a remote host … demonstrates using Invoke-Inline to compile C# code, and handling the RemoteCertificateValidationCallback to override the normal security policy … check-in: badf721e36 user: Joel Bennett tags: trunk
retrieve the windows product key of a specified machine using WMI check-in: 9baa90a370 user: karl prosser tags: trunk