Collection of mostly command line tools / PHP scripts. Somewhat out of date.

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fix `attrib` method name, and translate float detection
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๐Ÿ“„ Makefile Reworked wrapper script to allow for piping and `-` placeholder paramโ€นโ€บ 3365 days ago
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Shell PHP function wrappers

Allow to call plain PHP functions from the command line.

  • Parameters can be passed as arguments:

    strtolower ABC
  • Or passed in from stdin:

    echo ABC | strtolower
  • And array functions can use JSON

    echo [1,2,3] | print_r
  • Alternatively as positional parameters

    echo '[1,2,3]' | var_dump -

It's most useful of course with simple string-to-string pipes:

cat file | gzencode | base64_encode | base64_decode | gzdecode | print_r

(Or something more pointful..)