Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Peertube music/video listings.</desc>

	<title><media type="image" src="img/channel_peertube.png" /> Peertube</title>
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	<p>PeerTube is a federated video hosting network. And this channel
	allows you to browse /Music and other categories. It's not quite a
	very rich ecosystem yet, but very international. So perhaps worth a

        <p>The category list seeems to be uniform across most Peertube
	instances. So you only need to reload stations/videos once switching
	the address in the settings. </p>

        <p>Per default you should use VLC and 
        <link href="">youtube-dl</link> in the
	playback settings. Per default the faux mime type <cmd>video/youtube</cmd>
	is used for all listings. However, internally there's a lookup for
	an .m3u or direct .mp4 link already. So the <cmd>video/*</cmd> entry should
	also be populated.</p>

        <section id="options">
          <title>Channel options.</title>
            <title><code>🔠 Peertube server</code></title>
            <p>Sets the main isntance to query video listings from. Now most
	    of the other sites will be peered, so the main server doesn't
	    have that much influence. It changes the ordering however, and
            will reveal more local videos or languages often.</p>