Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Open source stream directory.</desc>


<p><link href="">MyOggRadio</link> is an open
source internet radio directory project.</p>

<p>Since it provides its station list as JSON it's very well supported.</p>

  <title>Sharing is caring</title>
  <p>To help with populating the directory further,
  streamtuner2 provides an option to share radion station links.
  Use the <guiseq><gui>Station</gui> <gui>Share on MyOggRadio...</gui></guiseq>
  context menu entry to upload a selected radio (e.g. from your bookmarks).</p>

  <p>The personal section is empty per default. You need to specify an user account
  in the settings dialog, and actually bookmark stations in the MyOggRadio web site.
  Shared entries aren't automatically in the <gui style="button">personal</gui> list.</p>

  <note style="tip"><p>MyOggRadio also has a neat cross-platform player:
  <link href="">JMyOggRadioPlayer</link>.</p></note>

  <title>Channel options.</title>
    <title><code>Login settings</code></title>
    <p>If you want to upload station infos to MyOggRadio, you need an account there.
    Registration is free and doesn't require personal information nor email address.
    Specify it as <input>username:password</input> separated with a : colon in this field.</p>
    <note style="advanced">
      <p>Alternatively you can store your account settings in the central
      <file>~/.netrc</file> config file. Or in <file>~/.config/netrc</file> even.</p>
      <p>Your entry for MyOggRadio should follow the common format:</p>
    login usr123
    password pw123
      <p>Which is useful because it's a standard format, and prevents
      leaking authorization data into per-application config stores.
      Note that a user:pw setting in streamtuner still takes precedence
    <title><code>stream URL format</code></title>
    <p>When uploading stations, the streaming URL can be converted into
    raw/direct server address. When undefined, station URLs are left as
    .M3U/.PLS link.</p>