Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Artifact 63fd55ca676cfaa10f3a2219b599dca752501c2c:

# type: interface
# api: python
# title: PyQuery pq
# description: shortcut to PyQuery w/ extensions

import config

# load pyquery

    from pyquery import PyQuery as pq

    # pq.each_pq = lambda self,func:  self.each(   lambda i,html: func( pq(html, parser="html") )   )

except Exception as e:

    # disable use
    pq = None
    config.conf.pyquery = False

    # error hint
    config.log.ERR("LXML/PyQuery is missing", e)
    config.log.INFO("Please install the packages python-lxml and python-pyquery from your distributions software manager.")
    config.log.INFO("Or via `pip install pyquery`\nOr `pip3 install pyquery`")

    # let's invoke packagekit?
         import packagekit.client
         pkc = packagekit.client.PackageKitClient()
         pkc.install_packages([pkc.search_name(n) for n in ["python-lxml", "python-pyquery"]])

        print("no LXML")