Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Radio and Podcast directory.</desc>

	<title><media type="image" src="img/channel_tunein.png" /> TuneIn</title>
	<subtitle><link	href="">//</link></subtitle>

	<p>TuneIn hosts a major radio, show and podcast directory. It also provides the
        RadioTime/AIR interface for listener feedback or something. ST2 queries the OPML
        lists only for radio stations currently.</p>
        <section id="options">
	<title><code>🔠 Categories </code></title>
        <p>You can switch between "music" and "genres" list. The genres
        list is basically a longer and expanded variant of "music".
        Use <guiseq><gui>Channel</gui> <gui>Reload category tree</gui></guiseq>
        to update them thereafter.</p>