Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Downloadable channel plugins</desc>

<title>→ Contrib/Extra Channels</title>

<title>More channels to install</title>
<p>Besides the standard channels, there are a few more plugins available
for download. See the <link xref="pluginmanager2">Plugin Manager</link>
and its <key>📦 Add</key> tab, where you can easily install them.</p>

    <subtitle>📻 <link href=""></link></subtitle>
    <p> is a European radio directory. It nicely catalogues
    stations into genres as usual. The primary list is ordered by
    popularity even. </p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href="">Magnatune</link></subtitle>
    <p>Magnatune is an independent label for artists. It makes most
    albums available for free listening with only a few intermittent
    adverts. Otherwise it's a flatrate payable music discovery and
    download service. </p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href="">PublicRadioFan</link></subtitle>
    <p> hosts a huge lists of worldwide radio stations.
    This plugin displays just the genre list though.</p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href="">RadioSure</link></subtitle>
    <p>Station database that's readily available as CSV list. You'll
    currently need the tmp_clean_multiurl plugin as well, as most entries
    supply multiple URLs, but doesn't support those currently.</p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href="">vTuner</link></subtitle>
    <p>Categorized station list by a cross-platform streaming service provider. </p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href="">Reciva</link></subtitle>
    <p>Reciva is an iPhone app, with a browsable station list. </p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href="">house-mixes</link></subtitle>
    <p> provides a growing collection of DJ mixes (house,
    dance, etc). The website can be used after a free registration to download
    complete MP3s (often in high quality). In Streamtuner2 you can even
    drag and drop them onto your desktop directly.</p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href="">PunkCast</link></subtitle>
    <p>PunkCast is no longer maintained. It covered the NY music and tech
    scenes, but existing recordings are still accessible mostly (some are
    just weblinks however). This plugin is kept for nostalgic reasons;
    it was available with streamtuner1 as well. </p>
    <subtitle>📻 GrLittleRadioPlayer</subtitle>
    <p>Great Little Radio Player is another Linux desktop radio browser.
    It comes with a default set of categorized stations. This plugin merely
    imports that list as static directory. </p>
    <subtitle>📻 File browser</subtitle>
    <p>You can also browse local files with streamtuner2 using the file
    browser plugin. It must be configured with your music collection path.
    It's not a default plugin, because this isn't really what Streamtuner2
    is made for. There are way better local music collection managers for
    Linux. It's just here for convenience, and displays files just as any
    other channel list. It has no specific file management features. (ID3
    editing or file renaming were planned, but never implemented.) </p>
    <subtitle>📻 <link href=""></link></subtitle>
    <p>Is a continent/country-oriented radio directory. The stream formats
    vary wildly however.</p>
    <subtitle>📻 Compound</subtitle>
    <p>The compound channel is a meta plugin. It can aggregate categories
    from other channel plugins on a per-category basis. You can, for example,
    mash Top40 or Classic genres from Shoutcast, Xiph, InternetRadio,
    Tunein, etc. Which avoids switching between channel tabs somewhat. </p>

<p>See also the list of
<link href="">available
plugins</link> in the project wiki.</p>