Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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### Alternatives to streamtuner2

 * [RadioTray]( is a small systray/indicator application, which allows to quickly switch between stations. It comes with a few elected default radios, but easily allows adding new ones. Streamtuner2 now has a plugin to populate your [RadioTray bookmarks](wiki/radiotray).

 * [Great Little Radio Player]( is a nice looking stream browser, which lists radios in a folder-style view.

 * [TunaPie]( is a mature radio/stream player, which was popular among streamtuner1 users. It's still maintained, the recently released version is **2.1.19**

 * [VLC]( is not just a multimedia powerhouse, but also has a few plugins for radio directory discovery and browsing.

 * [Rythmbox]( is meant for local multimedia collections, but comes with plugins for,, radio lookups.

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