Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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# encoding: UTF-8
# api: streamtuner2
# title: Jamendo
# description: A license-free music collection and artist hub.
# type: channel
# version: 2.3
# category: radio
# url:
# depends: json
# config: 
#    { name: jamendo_stream_format, value: ogg,  type: select,  select: "ogg=Vorbis, 112kbit/s|mp32=MP3, 192kbit/s|mp31=MP3, 96kbit/s|flac=FLAC, ≳600kbit/s",  description: "Audio format for tracks, albums, playlists." }
#    { name: jamendo_image_size,    value: 35,   type: select,  select: "25=25px|35=35px|50=50px|55=55px|60=60px|65=65px|70=70px|75=75px|85=85px|100=100px|130=130px|150=150px|200=200px|300=300px",  description: "Preview images size (height and width) for albums or tracks." }
#    { name: jamendo_count,         value: 1,    type: int,     description: "How many result sets (200 entries each) to retrieve." }
# priority: default
# png:
#   IAUY/p9w/glCrVzby3+LVqaxM4dx+inQV7KIHcKYAbzG4FYgqcmudYBAF+jKnT2QAExPYysVHCdKRQgewwRT0B1FfQboYsLLeE7hk4Oo/iD3rFit4GQGRCsYwJMt7yQVfrS6Go3HUQtvskiwCWM82qlijGdbaUsbTV5G/X65+y+rCzgBRI+VbsSmvvltqVkuX78t6rvpKWtvuMsgOfHtJia66OPz
#   86564UtDkA2Lm/VJYF6mLgXo50X0xNAHy4cK2jk+diVe+1FVVX/57oIuL66qqmriVF23rZ1TjyTLH2YT/WJ4TY+XRgAMKqNgJ41vebbvTgeFneo6Tb567zPmHn+LxdPnCIxHTFrt2CtB/8BWqtVOAewDWgGDmHG0u1VtztjC7SLqRSUkM5Clsd5ibs/7nDzyLd51xfQPq82PKS5SsHfQAEMsIZG3
#   khgvJqUqBhFBnSeTS1O/XOPou0eoVxuIsfgkRDsqxBIQgaEVXyIyTVdvGFdbQlD1LibpJDTWG9w8NcHsgRfIb8ni4qbIxhISGU87+Z00BMTuDPhfg47b4X4+oHZ4VxiksxRHi9x3y71M7p5EjAWE6OxBkj/OaSqTgyvJUUIQncuDDx6qRsHHLqpHuR0PW3vbbCj5EYyAAq7dgMVPfHRytt2Kkv7i
#   5vAw0n1wZuFvFcDq/kGP5/X1tnm+2aiTLQy59MiE00wZ49okK2fNxsWfgnRfmvJA8D3E98tztTWdBtG9IPuw+tqgI+RRTLin1miNJ3EkRhQFxIRcl8+tgj9EN35VXqrV9G2MPIPvWfgv5I1Bh/pNBOGtYCeALEKM6nlc52uUP+XFDfRpRN7psa/ZeBWSAmJ99qrQGaANeJA3AUjpXhLZ1zsD+g+5
#   Cnd9pANrngAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==
# extraction-method: json, custom-mime
# Utilizes the Jamendo /v3.0/ API now completely. That means all tracks will
# be available as Ogg Vorbis per default.
# Radio stations are a fixed internal list. There's not much point in querying
# the API for them. (They're really just automated playlists, and MP3-only.)
# Genre lists for tracks are built-in, but give a good enough overview. There's
# no "related" lookup possibility yet in our station lists. (Might be feasible
# as plugin though, via [load more] button etc...)
# Per default Ogg Vorbis is used as streaming format. Track URLs can be played
# back directly. Playlists and albums now require a roundtrip over the action
# module to extract the JAMJson format into pls/m3u/xspf. (The previous v2 API
# retrieval is going to become inaccessible soon.)

import re
import ahttp
from config import *
from channels import *
import json

# jamendo CC music sharing site
# For the newer v3.0 streaming URLs there's a custom action.extract_playlist
# format now (JAMJSON), so that albums/feeds can be extracted into standard
# playlists as well.
#  [+]
#  [+]
#  [+]
#  [+]
# Seem to resolve to OGG Vorbis each.
class jamendo (ChannelPlugin):

    # control flags
    has_search = True
    base = ""
    audioformat = "audio/ogg"
    listformat = "srv"
    api_base = ""
    cid = "49daa4f5"
    categories = []
    titles = dict( title="Title", playing="Album/Artist/User", bitrate=False, listeners=False )

    # refresh category list
    def update_categories(self):

        self.categories = [
                ["feeds"],  # should go below `albums`, but looks nicer here









                "classical", ###


                "world", ###

                "romantic", ###




        return self.categories

    # retrieve category or search
    def update_streams(self, cat, search=None):

        entries = []
        fmt = conf.jamendo_stream_format
        fmt_mime = self.stream_mime(fmt)
        # Static list of Radios
        if cat == "radios":
            for radio in ["BestOf", "Pop", "Rock", "Lounge", "Electro", "HipHop", "World", "Jazz", "Metal", "Soundtrack", "Relaxation", "Classical"]:
                j = self.api(method="radios/stream", name=radio.lower(), imagesize=30)
                if not len(j):
                    "genre": radio,
                    "title": j[0]["dispname"],
                    "url": j[0]["stream"], #"" + radio,  # optional +".m3u"
                    "playing": "various artists",
                    "format": "audio/mpeg",
                    "homepage": "",
                    "img": j[0]["image"] #"" % radio.lower(),
        # Playlist
        elif cat == "playlists":
            for e in self.api(method="playlists", order="creationdate_desc"):
                    "title": e["name"],
                    "playing": e["user_name"],
                    "homepage": e["shareurl"],
                    "extra": e["creationdate"],
                    "format": fmt_mime,
                    #"listformat": "xspf", # deprecated
                    #"url": "" % (e["id"], self.cid),
                    #"listformat": "href", # raw ZIP redirect
                    #"url": "{}&audioformat=mp32&id={}".format(self.cid, e["id"]),
                    #"listformat": "href", # raw ZIP direct
                    #"url": e["zip"],
                    "listformat": "jamj",
                    "url": "{}&audioformat={}&id={}".format(self.cid, fmt, e["id"]),

        # Albums
        elif cat in ["albums", "newest"]:
            if cat == "albums":
                order = "popularity_week"
                order = "releasedate_desc"
            for e in self.api(method = "albums/musicinfo", order = order, include = "musicinfo"):
                    "genre": " ".join(e["musicinfo"]["tags"]),
                    "title": e["name"],
                    "playing": e["artist_name"],
                    "img": e["image"],
                    "homepage": e["shareurl"],
                    #"url": "" % (self.cid, e["id"]),
                    #"url": "" % (e["id"], self.cid),
                    #"format": "audio/ogg",
                    #"listformat": "xspf",
                    "url": "{}&audioformat={}&album_id={}".format(self.cid, fmt, e["id"]),
                    "listformat": "jamj",
                    "format": fmt_mime,

        # Feeds (News)
        elif cat == "feeds":
            for e in self.api(method="feeds", order="date_start_desc", target="notlogged"):
              if e.get("joinid") and e.get("subtitle"):
                    "genre": e["type"],
                    "title": e["title"]["en"],
                    "playing": e["subtitle"]["en"],
                    "extra": e["text"]["en"],
                    "homepage": e["link"],
                    "format": fmt_mime,
                    "listformat": "jamj",
                    "url": "{}&audioformat={}&album_id={}".format(self.cid, fmt, e["joinid"]),

        # Genre list, or Search
            if cat:
                data = self.api(method="tracks", order="popularity_week", include="musicinfo", fuzzytags=cat, audioformat=fmt)
            elif search:
                data = self.api(method="tracks", order="popularity_week", include="musicinfo", search=search, audioformat=fmt)
                data = []
            for e in data:
                    "lang": e["musicinfo"]["lang"],
                    "genre": " ".join(e["musicinfo"]["tags"]["genres"]),
                    "extra": ", ".join(e["musicinfo"]["tags"]["vartags"]),
                    "title": e["name"],
                    "playing": e["album_name"] + " / " + e["artist_name"],
                    "img": e["album_image"],
                    "homepage": e["shareurl"],
                    "url": e["audio"],
                    #"url": "" % (e["id"], self.cid),
                    "format": fmt_mime,
                    "listformat": "srv",
        # done    
        return entries

    # Collect data sets from Jamendo API
    def api(self, method, **params):
        r = []
        max = 200 * int(conf.jamendo_count)
        params = dict(
                "client_id": self.cid,
                "format": "json",
                "audioformat": "mp32",
                "imagesize": conf.jamendo_image_size,
                "offset": 0,
                "limit": 200,
            }.items()) + list(params.items())
        while (params["offset"] < max) and (len(r) % 200 == 0):
            data = ahttp.get(self.api_base + method, params, encoding="utf-8")
            data = json.loads(data)
            if data:
                r += data["results"]
                return r
            params["offset"] += 200;
        return r

    # audio/*
    def stream_mime(self, name):
        map = {
            "ogg": "audio/ogg", "ogg2": "audio/ogg",
            "mp3": "audio/mpeg", "mp31": "audio/mpeg", "mp32": "audio/mpeg",
            "flac": "audio/flac"
        return map.get(name) or map["mp3"]