Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Streamtuner2 is an internet radio browser GUI. It lists streaming stations from different directory services:

  - [Shoutcast](  <img src="" align=right style="margin: 15pt">
  - [Xiph](
  - [MyOggRadio](
  - [Internet-Radio](
  - [TuneIn](
  - [Jamendo](
  - [SurfMusic](
  - [iCast](
  - [The MOD Archive](
  - [Youtube](
  - [iTunes Radio](
  - [Live365](
  - [SomaFM](
  - an optional local [file browser](, and a historic [PunkCast]( channel.

But leaves playback to your preferred audio player: *Audacious*, *Amarok*, *Exaile*, *Guayadeque*, *Decibel*, *Quod Libet*, *qmmp*, *XMMS2*, or video players *Totem*, *Parole*, *VLC*, etc.

And for recording calls: *Streamripper*, *youtube-dl*, or even *wget*.


  *  Old homepage []( for a summary
  *  Sourceforge []( for downloads
  *  Releases  [http://<u><b></b></u>/projects/streamtuner2]( for announcements
  *  Current [/changelog](changelog) and [/timeline](timeline)
  *  Release history [/doc/trunk/NEWS](doc/trunk/NEWS) or [/cat/releases.json](cat/releases.json)


  *  **[Help pages](doc/tip/help/html/index.html)**, which also exist in the app itself.
  *  [Placeholder syntax for player](wiki/player) configuration
  *  Some [plugin writing](wiki/write+a+plugin) documentation
  *  List of [Perhaps Asked Questions](wiki/FAQ)
  *  Watch for [RecentChanges]( here in the Wiki


  *  [Python 2.7 or 3.x](, while current versions might still run on 2.6 though.
  *  [Gtk2 with PyGtk]( or [Gtk3 with PyGI](
  *  [Python-PyQuery]( with LXML
  *  [Python-Requests]( after 1.1.0 (package in Quantal doesn't suffice)
  *  Python-Imaging (PIL or Pillow2)
  *  An audio player like [Audacious]( or [VLC](
  *  And [streamripper]( or [fIcy/fPls]( for actually recording radio stations

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