Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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# api: streamtuner2
# title: Config dialog
# description: Allows to configure players, options, and plugins
# version: 2.5
# type: feature
# category: ui
# config: -
# priority: core
# Configuration dialog for audio applications,
# general settings, and plugin activaiton and
# their options.

from uikit import *
import channels
from config import *
import re

# Settings window
# Interacts with main.* window (gtkBuilder widgets)
# and conf.* dictionary.
class configwin (AuxiliaryWindow):

    # Display win_config, pre-fill text fields from global conf. object
    def open(self, widget):
        if self.first_open:
            self.first_open = 0
            self.win_config.resize(565, 625)
        self.load_config(conf.__dict__, "config_")
        self.load_config(conf.plugins, "config_plugins_")
        [callback() for callback in self.hooks["config_load"]]
    first_open = 1

    # Hide window
    def hide(self, *args):
        return True

    # Load values from conf. store into gtk widgets
    def load_config(self, config, prefix="config_"):
        for key,val in config.items():
            w = self.main.get_widget(prefix + key)
            if w:
                # input field
                if type(w) is gtk.Entry:
                # checkmark
                elif type(w) is gtk.CheckButton:
                # dropdown
                elif type(w) is ComboBoxText:
                # list
                elif type(w) is gtk.ListStore:
                    for k,v in val.items():
                        w.append([k, v, True, self.app_bin_check(v)])
                    w.append(["", "", True, gtk.STOCK_NEW])
            __print__(dbg.CONF, "config load", prefix+key, val, type(w))

    # Store gtk widget valus back into conf. dict
    def save_config(self, config, prefix="config_", save=0):
        for key,val in config.items():
            w = self.main.get_widget(prefix + key)
            if w:
                # text
                if type(w) is gtk.Entry:
                    config[key] = w.get_text()
                # pre-defined text
                elif type(w) is ComboBoxText:
                    config[key] = w.get_active_text()
                # boolean
                elif type(w) is gtk.CheckButton:
                    config[key] = w.get_active()
                # dict
                elif type(w) is gtk.ListStore:
                    config[key] = {}
                    for row in w:
                        if row[0] and row[1]:
                            config[key][row[0]] = row[1]
            __print__(dbg.CONF, "config save", prefix+key, val)
    # Generic Gtk callback to update ListStore when entries get edited
    def list_edit(self, liststore, path, column, new_text):
        liststore[path][column] = new_text
        liststore[path][3] = self.app_bin_check(new_text)
        # The signal_connect() dict actually prepares individual lambda functions
        # to bind the correct ListStore and column id.

    # return OK or CANCEL depending on availability of app
    def app_bin_check(self, v):
        m ="(?![$(`])\S+", v)
        if m and and find_executable(
            return gtk.STOCK_MEDIA_PLAY
            return gtk.STOCK_CANCEL

    # list of Gtk themes in dropdown
    def combobox_theme(self):
        # find themes
        themedirs = (conf.share+"/themes", conf.dir+"/themes", "/usr/share/themes")
        themes = ["no theme"]
        [[themes.append(e) for e in os.listdir(dir)] for dir in themedirs if os.path.exists(dir)]
        __print__(dbg.STAT, themes)
        # add dropdown
        self.widgets["theme"] = ComboBoxText(themes)

    # retrieve currently selected value
    def apply_theme(self):
        conf.theme = self.theme.get_active_text()

    # iterate over channel and feature plugins
    def add_plugins(self):
        ls = {}
        for name in module_list():
            if name in self.channels:
                ls[name] = self.channels[name].meta
            elif name in self.features:
                ls[name] = self.features[name].meta
                ls[name] = plugin_meta(conf.share+"/channels/"+name+".py")
        for name,meta in sorted(ls.items(), key=lambda e: e[1]["type"]+e[1]["title"].lower(), reverse=False):
            self.add_plg(name, meta)
        #self.plugin_options.pack_start(uikit.label("\n<b>Feature</b> plugins add categories, submenu entries, or other extensions.\n", 500, 1))

    # add configuration setting definitions from plugins
    plugin_text = "<span size='larger' weight='heavy'>%s</span> <span style='italic' foreground='slate blue'>(%s/%s)</span> <span weight='bold' foreground='orange'>%s</span>\n<span size='smaller' stretch='ultraexpanded'>%s</span>"
    def add_plg(self, name, meta):
        # add plugin load entry
        cb = gtk.CheckButton(name)
        cb.set_sensitive(not meta.get("priority") in ("core", "required", "builtin"))
        cb.get_children()[0].set_markup(self.plugin_text % (meta.get("title", name), meta.get("type", "plugin"), meta.get("category", "addon"), meta.get("version", "./."), meta.get("description", "no description")))
        cb.set_tooltip_text(re.sub("(?<=\S) *\n(?! *\n)", " ",meta.get("doc", "")).strip())
        self.add_( "config_plugins_"+name, cb, color=meta.get("color"), image=meta.get("png"))

        # default values are already in conf[] dict (now done in conf.add_plugin_defaults)
        for opt in meta["config"]:
            color = opt.get("color", None)
            # display checkbox
            if opt["type"] == "boolean":
                cb = gtk.CheckButton(opt["description"])
                self.add_( "config_"+opt["name"], cb, color=color )
            # drop down list
            elif opt["type"] == "select":
                cb = ComboBoxText(ComboBoxText.parse_options(opt["select"])) # custom uikit widget
                self.add_( "config_"+opt["name"], cb, opt["description"], color )
            # text entry
                self.add_( "config_"+opt["name"], gtk.Entry(), opt["description"], color )

        # spacer 
        self.add_( "filler_pl_"+name, gtk.HSeparator() )

    # Put config widgets into config dialog notebook, wrap with label, or background, retain widget id/name
    def add_(self, id=None, w=None, label=None, color=None, image=None):
        if id:
            self.widgets[id] = w
        if label:
            if type(w) is gtk.Entry:
            w = uikit.hbox(w, uikit.label(label))
        if image:
            pix = gtk.image_new_from_pixbuf(uikit.pixbuf(image))
            if pix:
                w = uikit.hbox(w, pix, exr=False)
        if color:
            w =, color)
    # save config
    def save(self, widget):
        self.save_config(conf.__dict__, "config_")
        self.save_config(conf.plugins, "config_plugins_")
        [callback() for callback in self.hooks["config_save"]]