Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Music subreddit posts</desc>

<title><media type="image" src="img/channel_reddit.png" /> Reddit</title>
<subtitle><link href="">//</link></subtitle>

	<p>Reddit harbours a growing list of music-related communities.
        User-contributed audio files or audio/video links can be found
	across almost two hundred subreddit boards. There's always a
	mix of new bands or fresh releases to be found, along with
	links to all-time favourites etc.</p>

          <item><p>Around <em>620</em> subreddits are queried. That's just a selected part
          though. Most others do not see as many audio posts / or are just for
          discussion and news.</p></item>
          <item><p>Besides youtube/mp3 files, this channel may also
          list Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Bandcamp links.</p></item>
          <item><p><link href=""></link>
          even provides streaming servers. Its categories are: main, random,
          rock, metal, indie, electronic, hiphop, talk, festival.</p></item>
          <item><p>Thumbnails are slightly larger (32x26) than regular favicons.</p></item>
          <item><p>All entries also show poster name and user votes.</p></item>

        <p>See the config options if you want to keep regular webpage posts - instead
        of just showing playable content.</p>

        <section id="statusicons">
        <subtitle>Status icons</subtitle>
        <p>Station entries may contain a status icon (leftmost; where usually
        the bookmarks ✩ star goes).
        It's a quick indicator of what type of content is linked:</p>
            <p>Directly playable entry (MP3, MP4, Youtube, MIDI)</p>
            <p>Walled garden (Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Mixcloud) → playable</p>
            <p>Walled gardens without playback handler.</p>
            <p>Just a web-link. Those are kept with the ☒ keep all option.</p>

        <p>Please note that <guiseq><gui>Channel</gui> <gui>Reload category
        tree</gui></guiseq> will retrieve a differently structured list of
        subreddits from the /r/music wiki.</p>


<section id="options">

 <p>There's a few options for the reddit plugin:</p>
    <title><code>🔟  Number of pages to fetch </code></title>
    <p>Influences how many JSON requests are made to assemble a list of
    subreddit posts with playable content. (For this plugin that's
    configurable, because counting streams wouldn't work as reddit
    result lists vary wildly in their usable links.)</p>
    <title><code>🔰 Filter walled gardens </code></title>
    <p>Many music posts on reddit meanwhile point to one of Soundcloud,
    Spotify, Bandcamp, Mixcloud. Those are basically just links you had
    open in your browser. --
    Now those are labeled "walled gardens" here, because they're hording
    user content behind a paywall/registration-wall, fiddly NIH APIs,
    non-standard audio formats, web-only players and sessioning.</p>
    <p>There's a few players or tools for those better-known hosters. But
    smaller services fall under the radar. Which is why I think it's unfair
    to provide out-of-the-box support for just those four services.
    -- But anyway, you can disable filtering them, if you like. And then
    <link xref="config_apps">configure</link> a custom player:</p>
    <table shade="rows" rules="rows cols">
      <tr><td><p><app>audio/soundcloud</app></p></td><td><p><cmd><link href="">soundcli %srv</link></cmd></p></td></tr>
      <tr><td><p><app>audio/spotify</app></p></td>   <td><p><cmd><link href="">sconsify %srv</link></cmd></p></td></tr>
      <tr><td><p><app>audio/bandcamp</app></p></td>  <td><p><cmd><link href="">youtube-dl -g %srv</link></cmd></p></td></tr>
      <tr><td><p><app>audio/mixcloud</app></p></td>  <td><p><cmd><link href="">vlc $(youtube-dl -g %srv)</link></cmd></p></td></tr>
    <p>Obviously you want to pipe <cmd>youtube-dl</cmd> to an actual audio player
    again. VLC also supports a few services directly or via plugins.</p>
    <title><code>💫 Keep all web links </code></title>
    <p>Besides audio/video links, some subreddits link to album art or
    are just news feeds. Enable the "keep all" option to retain them.
    Such entries will open in your web browser instead of an audio player,
    of course.</p>

 <note style="info"><p>To utilize Soundcloud links, there's an <link
 xref="contrib_features">extra url_soundcloud plugin</link>. 
 It overrides the <file>audio/soundcloud</file> player config, and
 resolves such streams to MP3 urls (session typically times out
 quickly, so no bookmarking/export possible etc).</p></note>