Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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	<p> is another radio station directory, based on
	user-contributed entries and automatic streaming server polling.</p>

         <item><p>Provides a JSON API, which in v2 is easy to extract from.</p></item>
         <item><p>Station lists contain even station homepages mostly.</p></item>
         <item><p>And the channel plugin selects among the available
         streaming URLs based on format (Ogg, AAC, preferred over MP3) and
         maximum bitrate.</p></item>
        <title>Station status indicators</title>
        <p>For the dirble plugin each station entry may contain a stream
        status icon. They often just represent a heuristic check or general
        reachability statistic. You can usually start playback without
        paying attention to the status icons: </p>
            <p>Maybe currently inactive.</p>
            <p>Available stream, no recent outage.</p>
            <p>Unclear Status 2</p>

        <note><p>There's a hidden config option for a custom API key.
        It's perhaps redundant. Should streamtuner2 -D however reveal an error,
        you can configure your own account in <file>settings.json</file>.