Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Youtube music/video listings.</desc>

	<title><media type="image" src="img/channel_youtube.png" /> Youtube</title>
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        <note style="bug"><p>This plugin is no longer supported or a default
	channel. Due to exceeded quotas, it ceased working, and Youtube/Google
	bothered me with inane requests for video recordings of how ST2 works
	(instead of simply looking at the code or investigating their own logs).
	Btw, the exceeded quota was unlikely due to regular ST2 usage. It's
	more probable the builtin and plainly-in-sight builtin API key was
	reappropriated otherwise. Hence, you would have to
        <link href="">get
	your own key</link> now, if you wanted to use this channel. Btw,
	overall it's not that interesting / worth the effort IMO.</p></note>

	<p>Googles Youtube provides a quirky JSON API that makes browsing
        channels and genres feasible.  This beta plugin provides a little
        overview, and usually retrieves recent video uploads.</p>

        <p>VLC can directly play Youtube URLs. For other players one can use
        <link href="">youtube-dl</link> as wrapper.
        For example <cmd>totem $(youtube-dl %srv)</cmd> as configured player
        <p>Youtube-dl is preconfigured as "recording"/download tool for this channel

        <p>Of course you could also just invoke a specific YT video by
        opening it in your web browser - click the station <key>home</key>
        button simply.</p>

        <section id="options">
          <title>Channel options.</title>
            <title><code>🔠 API key</code></title>
            <p>You will have to aquire your own API key now, if you want to
            test this plugin. Quite cumbersome, and not recommended, but see 
            <link href="">YouTube Data API Overview</link> </p>
            <title><code>🔠 Region</code></title>
            <p>With the country dropdown you can predefine which mostPopular listings are returned.</p>
            <title><code>🔠 My Channels</code></title>
            <p>You can edit the list of YT channel names to fetch some of your favourite artists/uploaders.
            To apply this setting, and have new categories show up in the genre pane, use
            <guiseq><gui>Channel</gui> <gui>Update category tree</gui></guiseq> first.</p>
            <p>It's not an exact map, but utilizes the search function to find channels.</p>
            <title><code>☑ Wadsworth constant</code></title>
            <p>Only influences the video homepage link.</p>