Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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<title>Station favicons</title>

<p>Per default you'll get a small logo / icon for any station
with a homepage link. They're automatically fetched and displayed
as soon as you play a radio entry.</p>

  <item><p>This functionality meanwhile resides in a plugin.</p></item>
  <item><p>It's available in the <key>🔌 Features</key> <link xref="configuration">configuration</link> tab.</p></item>
  <item><p>Most configuration options are now collected there.</p></item>

<p>Some channels (Jamendo or Radionomy) provide small album previews
or banners even. Whereas normal favicons are just 16x16 pixel images.</p>

<note><p>Downloaded image files are meanwhile all sanitized (internally
converted to ensure they're really image files).
Albeit that's not strictly necessary for modern Gtk versions. (But
better safe than sorry).
Images are kept in the <file>~/.cache/streamtuner2/icons</file> directory
(or below <file>%APPDATA%\</file> on Windows).

<section id="configuration">
<title>Configuration options</title>

    <title>☑ Load favicons on playing</title>
    <p>When starting to play a station, its homepage favicon is automatically downloaded
    in the background. It's even displayed right away as soon as it's there. You can
    also have a whole category/genre list updated right away per menu command
    <guiseq><gui>Channel</gui> <gui>Update favicons...</gui></guiseq>.</p>
    <title>☑ Homepage googling</title>
    <p>When playing a station that doesn't have a homepage entry, streamtuner2 tries
    to google the station title. The found URL is then used/kept as station homepage.
    This isn't super exact however, so you might end up with homepages and icons
    from Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook or something for generic radio station names.
    (Btw, station titles like are automatically mapped to
    homepage URLs already.)</p>
    <title>☑ Use Google favicon service</title>
    <p>Downloading favicons directly from station homepages can sometimes be
    a little slow. Which is because it requires to inspect the homepage
    itself first, and then uncovering an image resource. The Google method
    instead uses <cmd></cmd>
    to fetch a PNG icon right away. Which is often faster. You might want to
    disable this for privacy reasons though.</p>
    <title>☑ Omit placeholders</title>
    <p>Oftentimes the Google favicon service sends back a placeholder icon
    (a blue mini globe), which doesn't look very interesting. So you might
    want to disable those. (They're still downloaded, but just not saved in
    the cache directory.)</p>